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EPA Enterprise Solution

As part of EPA's Business Services Reform, the EPA has incorporated Vicmap API into it's enterprise incident management and information system.

 EPA embarked on an IT Review that identified the need to have a single source of truth, increase transparency and streamline processes. In order to have more efficient and accountable environment protection, compliance management and a more efficient issues resolution process needed development.

Spatial context was one of the requirements, therefore GIS integration was a key component of the Integrated Business Information System (IBIS) solution. There was a need to capture the spatial representation of activities and events. Then to analyse them in their spatial context to guide decisions by:
# Understanding risk to the environment and/or human health.
# Identifying related events using spatially patterns
# Attributing pollution
and to record the results of analysis (tabular data or map) for evidence.

Vicmap API and Vicmap Adress provide source of truth, a key context tool and address data vaidation tool respectivley.

Stakeholder Interactions Records provide the inormation and interactions for resolving polluting and related issues. The current and accurate spatial context provided by the Vicmap API enables records and data to be integrated for holistic analysis, decision making and resolution of the issue. Different recorded Interactions, be they historical or current can be analaysed in the local geographical context providing information and visual analysis of the issue at hand. Other benefits to the organisation are as follows; simple GIS tools are now available for general users, vastly increased capture and quality of information and richer history and auditing otions. Informed decisions made with better and more integrated information provision are more likely to be correct and benefit the environment and the taxpayer.

Since this is an internal system an operational scenario screen shots are provided portraying IBIS in action.


                         Vicmap API and VMAS address search function



                          Scenario example