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Fire Operations Plans outline where DELWP and Parks Victoria intend to carry out fire prevention and preparedness activities on Victoria’s public land over the next three years. 

 These planned activities include planned burning, slashing, mowing and clearing works, creating and maintaining fuel breaks and carrying out fire infrastructure maintenance. The current Planned Burns can be viewed via an interactive map that utilises Vicmap API as its platform  The map shows all approved planned burns and mechanical works to occur in the next 10 days. The map allows, neighbors  visitors and the general public to get an indication as to where and when the forthcoming fuel reduction burns are to take place and take appropriate action.  Vicmap API map tiles accuratley show where the burn is to take place and uses the most recent and authoratative map data avilable. 























DSE & PV need to inform residents that live near or adjoining State Forest or National Park about fuel reduction burns and other fire hazard reduction activities. One precise way of communicating the extent of the panned burn is to display the already available, approved planned burn spatial information in a map environment. DSE Fire developed the web map utilizing the Vicmap API infrastructure and tools to portray the planned burns and related activities in the state of Victoria for the next three seasons.
Please visit the Planned Burns Today page and explore some of the functionality available in Vicmap API.