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Colac Otway Shire Maps

The Colac Otway Shire has commissioned the development of an online mapping portal that provides a variety of quality information to the ratepayers, such as landslide and erosion, open space, municipal information, bores and salinity and other relevant data sets.

  The Mapping portal enables people to research the status of their land in relation to risk of land slippage and erosion, salinity, geology, topography and council services such as waste collection. The user can be confident that he is looking at the latest authoritative information, the same information council decision makers will be using. The data remains with the data custodians / managers and is sourced directly over the web utilising Open Source Web Mapping Service (WMS) protocol from the respective spatial data repository. This leaves the map portal owner to only be concerned with his own data sources knowing that others will continue to look after theirs.  The map is intuitive to use and has the functionality to link the spatial data represented to original documents and images available with a click of a button. There is provision for data downloads and options to allow users to add, edit or update data subject to Quality Assurance (QA).