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User Guide

The user guide will provide you with a wealth of information about getting started and working with the Vicmap API.

  • Getting started

    In order to use Vicmap API, a html page is required to host the map which will be displayed. In addition to that, a < script > tag to include the Vicmap API JavaScript mapping library.

  • Controls

    Vicmap API utilises the full suite of controls available in OpenLayers.

  • Debugging

    If you are developing for Internet Explorer, to enable JavaScript debugging in Vicmap API simply include the firebuglite.js file into the webpage as shown in line 3 of the sample webpage below.

  • Styling icons

    In the Measure example, there is a toolbar in the top right corner with two icons, one for measuring distance and another for area. This customized toolbar is styled by CSS.

  • Vicmap API Syntax

    In this section the user is acquainted with the structure of the API and familiarised with its syntax.

  • How is OpenLayers used in the API?

    The following components of Vicmap API constitute its core capabilities: