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Vicmap API utilises the full suite of controls available in OpenLayers.

 Below we have a number of basic controls listed listed:



This refers to the action of changing the viewable area of a map. This action is achievable through 2 methods:

  • The first method involves the usage of the actual pan buttons located on the top left corner. The buttons are top, bottom, left and right. Clicking on the top panning button will move up the viewable area of a map and vice versa.
  • The second method is to click and drag on a map area, which will result in the map being dragged around thus achieving panning.


This enables the user to zoom out and obtain an overview of the map area or zoom in to a specific area of interest. Similarly, the zooming button is located top left of the map just below the panning button. The slider bar enables the user to jump straight to a specific zoom level. Alternatively the user can double click on an area of interest and this will result in a single level zoom.

Mouse position

This is a control which displays geographic coordinates of the mouse pointer/ cursor as it moves around the map.

Layer Switching

This is a control that enables the user to switch between the different base maps. The control is located at the top right corner of the map with a + sign. Clicking on the + sign will display a list of base maps available to the user. The base maps are available as a list of radio buttons, which means each base map, is exclusive of each other.