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Architectural review of Vicmap API   

Vicmap API has now been operational for 5 years. Time has come to undertake an architectural review of Vicmap Application Programming Interface (API) environment. DELWP is exploring an open solution where users can easily choose a platform of their choice to interact with Vicmap tiles.  Our aim is to be platform agnostic and focus our resources to providing high quality tiles and a more robust web service.  OpenLayers 2  is gaining in years and version 3 has matured and should be utilised as one of the platform options to display the tiles.

Further information regarding the proposed future direction will be communicated to stakeholders in due time. The current OpenLayers 2 API will continue to be operational and supported in the foreseeable future and service our customers.

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Metropolitan Imagery Tiles have been updated with April 2014 for both VicGrid and Web Mercator tile sets. We plan to update these tiles with 2015 imagery by the end of 2016. Regional imagery will also be updated progressively over the next 12-18 months.  Should you wish to utilise the latest 2015/16 imagery please contact the Coordinated Imagery Program coordinator via 03 8636 2363. 

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Vicmap API has had a minor upgrade of OpenLayers to version 2.1.13 from 2.1.10 for VicGrid and 2.1.12 for Web Mercator. The upgrade was deployed successfully over the weekend and deals with bug fixes, such as zooming in via scroll mouse, progressive rendering and printing issues. Please contact should you need any further information. 

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Over the last few weeks Vicmap API (VicGrid) has been updated on a weekly cycle and offers most up to date authoritative information available from the Vicmap source data. The system is fully automated and replaces the outdated tiles with the changes overnight. This will give users further confidence in our service and information provided. The Web Mercator beta tile version will be updated later this month to align with Google's scales and resolution. Two new pages have been created to demonstrate the two tile streams that DEPI provides being and The new pages provide some basic OpenLayers tools and
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Tile maintenance is now at the regular monthly cycle. All map and hybrid tiles have been updated last Friday for both services being VicGrid and Web Mercator projection. They are current to Vicmap version dated 1st of October 2013.  A regular monthly incremental update will generally be deployed by the end of the second week of any given month, data being current to the first day of any given month. From early 2014 updates will become more frequent and fully automated. Vicmap API will be maintained on a fortnightly basis keeping it within a couple of weeks of the latest Vicmap

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A new SSL certificate has been installed on the 19th of July and is available for our new url in Users who utilized the former certificate that worked on the IP address will need to change the urll entry to the one above.  Registered SSL users were notified of this change. If you are a user and we don't know about you, please contact us so we can keep you informed of any changes and updates to the service. 
Vicmap API Mobile platform, beta version was released yesterday and is ready for a test drive. It is accessed via the following link The application includes location, address search, and pin drop with a free text attribute. Developers are encouraged to experiment with the new platform.  The website is discoverable /accessed via two methods PC or mobile device. Developers documentation will be available in the near future.