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Vicmap API Update - November 2016

Architectural review of Vicmap API   

Vicmap API has now been operational for 5 years. Time has come to undertake an architectural review of Vicmap Application Programming Interface (API) environment. DELWP is exploring an open solution where users can easily choose a platform of their choice to interact with Vicmap tiles.  Our aim is to be platform agnostic and focus our resources to providing high quality tiles and a more robust web service.  OpenLayers 2  is gaining in years and version 3 has matured and should be utilised as one of the platform options to display the tiles.

Further information regarding the proposed future direction will be communicated to stakeholders in due time. The current OpenLayers 2 API will continue to be operational and supported in the foreseeable future and service our customers.


Cartographic Style Updates

Over the past few months we testing improved labeling algorithms and are fixing styling issues based on feedback from users.  We are working through these in the background to release an updated tile set in early 2017. In December we will be undertaking some preliminary user testing / quality assurance and welcome any interest from our customer base. Please respond to this email if you are interested. 

Aerial Imagery Updates

On the Imagery side we have been cutting the 2015 metropolitan imagery as well as a few regional areas, Bendigo, Ballarat and Geelong, with some newer, higher resolution imagery. Web Mercator tiles will be completed in a few weeks. VicGrid imagery tiles have been cut and will also be available before the end of the year. 

In the past few months the Cartographic and Hybrid tile weekly update process has been interrupted, more so on the Web Mercator projection. This has been due to internal infrastructure and network issues.  There was a lot of catch up processing to be done and we are glad to say that both projections are up to date. New tiles are available by every Monday morning.