Display your business-critical information with confidence. Vicmap™ API – authoritative, current and clear.

What is Vicmap API?

Vicmap API is a JavaScript mapping Application Programming Interface (API) created with the purpose of delivering integrated base maps generated from Vicmap and other agreed DSE spatial data.

Vicmap API is a simple web map viewing tool that is ready to use for embedding in any website.

Victoria's web mapping tool to display your business critical information in an authorititative, current and clear context.

Features of this API:
# built on Vicmap - the foundation that underlies most spatial information in Victoria
# base Vicmap products are constantly maintained
# allows you to overlay & publish your business information
# Weekly map tile updates reflecting the latest land developments

Overlay your information over:
MAP - current detailed base maps
IMAGERY - clear aerial imagery
HYBRID - crisp maps overlaid over aerial imagery

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