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Vicmap API is a JavaScript API developed using the open source OpenLayers JavaScript Library. It enables the development of dynamic and customisable mapping applications, which use industry standard methods such as Web Mapping Service (WMS), Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) and Web Feature Service (WFS), for geographic data access. The mapping applications are similar to existing APIs such a Google Maps and Bing etc but with one key difference being that OpenLayers is free software, developed for and by the Open Source software community.

Vicmap API has been developed with enhanced security capabilities such that image and map server information is always unknown to the user. This is achieved by concealing spatial data access details in the Servlet that receives and responds to client requests.

"As a framework, OpenLayers is intended to separate map tools from map data so that all the tools can operate on all the data sources. This separation breaks the proprietary silos that earlier GIS revolutions have taught civilization to avoid. The mapping revolution on the public Web should benefit from the experience of history."                                   source -

Key Features
  • Support for a variety of data sources
  • Support for displaying geographic features, with markers and popups
  • Easy build configuration, designed to help build OpenLayers into other applications
  • Javascript API to allow full control over OpenLayers-powered map from within Javascript on a web page.
Data Sources
  • WMS
  • WMTS
  • JSON
  • ka-Map
  • TMS
  • WorldWind
  • WFS
  • GeoRSS
  • Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, MultiMap