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Product Improvement

DELWP maintains an ongoing improvement plan for Vicmap API to keep it fresh, current and responsive to clients needs.

Currently DELWP has completed and is engaged in a number of product improvement plans which are as follows;

256 pixel tile service development

We are currently developing a 256 pixel tile cache to replace the existing 512 pixel tile cache. This development will enable faster tile loading into mobile devices and make the Web Mercator Vicmap API tiles standirdsed to the Goodle maps standard. We hope to trnsition to this tile cache in 2018

Automated Tile Maintenance 

The Vicmap API Tile maintenance has been automated and new map and hybrid tiles are created on a weekly basis. New dat aloads into vicmap trigger fresh tile cuts over the weekend. By Moinday morningfresh information has been uploaded to the tile cache. 

Vicmap API in the Cloud - Now

In early 2017 Vicmap API service was mirgrated to the Amazon Web Services Cloud and has been performing very well. It gives us more flexibility in relation to loads, scaling, storage and overall performance. 

Vicmap API Imagery

Vicmap API imagery is updated periodically. Mekbourne metropolitan region consists of imagery captured in early 2015 and is planned for an update in late 2017 / early 2018. Regional imagery is a composite mosaic on numerous projects ranging from 2009 to 2014. Older areas will be progressivley updated as imagery becomes available.