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Vicmap API Licensing

Vicmap API is a licensed service available on 9 to 5 Service Level Agreement (SLA). It should be also noted that Vicmap API hosting hardware is managed 24/7 but we are unable to respond to your needs outside of business hours. 

An annual license fee is payable and is based on usage by the clients business. The business may deploy any number of Web Map applications and / or consume the tile service internally utilising a GIS front end such as ArcGis, mapinfor or QGis. The license fee is based on the combined usage total by that organisation, unit of measure being map page impressions. Should the existing client be either a Vicmap Licensee or Coordinated Imagery Program (CIP) member further discounts will apply. Please contact the Vicmap API Product Manager to discuss your licensing options.

Try before you buy

DELWP is happy to provide a Limited usage and testing of Vicmap API upon request via email or phone. Customers wish to evaluate, test and/or develop the application prior to going live therefore a 3-6 months evaluation license will be granted for those purposes. Please contact the Vicmap API Product Manager to discuss your evaluation and testing options.

The standard data licence conditions apply and full licence conditions are avilable in the attached Licence document. SLA terms and conditions are also available in the same document.

 pdfVicmap API Service and Data Access Licence Example