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Why Vicmap API?

In November 2010, Google, which produces the popular Google Maps and Google Maps API, made a decision to replace the mapping and address information it had licensed from the Australian, State and Territory governments – through the G-NAF product provided by PSMA Australia Ltd – with a once-only ‘snap shot’ mapping base.

The issues raised by Google’s decision led to a State Government review of the appropriate use of commercial APIs in public facing web sites vis a vis the risks of using information that may be out of date for particular purposes, for example emergency communications.

Three main quality issues have been identified:

  • currency (data may lag several months behind Vicmap, the Victorian Government’s authoritative spatial data)
  • completeness (data in commercial APIs may be more complete in highly trafficked urban/commercial areas, while significant gaps in rural and regional areas may exist)
  • reliability (eg some roads in rural and regional areas have been observed as being shown under names that were changed six to seven years ago during Victoria’s Rural Addressing initiative).

These quality issues are sufficient to raise public safety, reputation and liability concerns, particularly where the commercial API information is being presented on a Government website, and believed by the public to be Government information.  Members of the public using the maps developed on commercial APIs to ascertain an address may, in some cases, be presented with incorrect and/or out of date information, or not be able to find recently created addresses in newly developing areas.

There is also the further risk of the Government agency itself acting on the basis of incorrect information and making poor operational decisions as a result.